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                 Mobile phones have become the necessities of modern life. The larger screen and the lighter fuselage is the developing trend of mobile phones. The miniaturization of mobile phone chips is a solution conforming to the development trend of mobile phones. Puya products have competitiveness in die size, especially KGD products & WLCSP products which take the size advantage of our products to the extreme.


          *     Design-win SPI NOR Flash with lower power consumption and wide voltage for mobile Type-C and High-speed I/F.

          *     IIC EEPROM designed software write protection function and double perturbed address assignable function for CCM application.

          *     Mobile displays using AMOLED, TDDI combined with various density SPI NOR Flash allow ultimate slim and low power design.

          Product Portfolio

          *     SPI NOR Flash

          *     IIC EEPROM

          *     VCM Driver

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